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Smart Cross-Border
Borderless purchase & shipping management
We provide cross-border purchasing and shipping management software with multiple payment methods, languages and currencies.
Sellers can proactively set up configurations on the dashboard for flexible business operation of cross-border ecommerce.
How it works
Smart Cross-Border
Let's learn how our purchase/sales order management works and what benefits you can gain from our tools!
Go beyond the barrier of cross-border purchase & shipping management
IChiba Smart Cross-Border provides an all-in-one service that helps sellers manage international purchasing and shipping with functions of multi-warehouse, multi-language and multi-currency.

Proxy-buying/Bidding management

Easily manage all your sales and purchase orders from our management dashboard. Control input purchasing costs and distribute orders to desired warehouse.
Proxy-buying/Bidding management

Cross-border shipping management

We cooperate with leading shipping companies to deliver packages internationally. Just a few clicks to get them shipped to your destination.
Cross-border shipping management

Pricing table creation

Allow businesses to themselves create their own fee tables for proxy-buying service, value-added services, and delivery. The price lists can vary in each market and be divided into 2 types: Public and Personalized table.
Pricing table creation
There’s even more
Other benefits
Integrated multiple payment gateways
We offer various online payment gateways to support customers making cross-border payments from more than 220 countries and territories in 120 currencies, with multi-language and global tax capabilities.
Multi-market configuration
Smart Cross-Border software allows flexible customization of operations to suit each business. The data may vary by market.
Sales policy configuration
Companies can customize sales policy information and data to ensure the proxy-buying service's profitability and smooth running.
Package consolidation/separation
With this function, selles can separate a large package or consolidate small ones to save time in handling as well as shipping costs.
Multi-market, multi-currency
Manage cross-border proxy-buying and shipping from hundreds of stores or marketplaces while paying with your choice of the currency. Businesses can set up the suitable payment gateways for each market.
Product crawler
Automatically crawl product data from multiple international selling websites. Every vouchers, promotions and information are updated in real time.
Create cross-border website with Build StoreFront Tool
We help sellers create an international proxy-buying website with full features of buying, bidding, payment, shipping, and so on. Buyers can visit your website and buy anything they desire from abroad.
Now image how our powerful Build StoreFront Tool can help you:
Local currencies
Multi-payment methods
Customized options

Connect best-priced goods sources worldwide
Suggesting market trends for sellers to quickly import necessary items.
3,100 ¥3,300 ¥
3,100 ¥3,300 ¥
3,100 ¥3,300 ¥
3,100 ¥3,300 ¥
3,100 ¥3,300 ¥
Why choose IChiba Smart Cross-Border
Powering more than 500,000 orders a month
Certified partner of many other international e-commerce platforms from Japan, the US, China, Korea, etc.
Hyper-scalable system that extends to suit your needs
Professional support via multiple channels like email, social media, websites, live chat.
Transparent privacy and policy to protect customers’ rights and data.

Global Shipping Network

IChibaOne Platform supports shipping from USA, Japan, China, Korea and Europe to 160 countries. Our global warehouse network across 3 continents and 100+ international and domestic carriers supporting first, mid and last mile minimize shipping time and costs.

Save time and effort on borderless business management

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