Empower Your Electronics Business

Elevate your electronics store's potential with seamless intergration and smart management.


You are running an electronics store and...

You need...
Rapid Product Obsolescence: Electronics evolve rapidly, with new models and technologies replacing old ones frequently.
Complex Inventory Management: There are a wide range of products with different specifications.
Price Volatility: Prices for electronic goods can fluctuate due to various factors.
You need to continuously update inventory & manage the lifecycle of products.
You need a solution that can deals with complicate inventory tracking and management.
You need a software that helps you save all the prices & other information.

With IChibaOnne Platform electronic businesses will be able to...

Minimmize manual task & errors in goods management

Save time & costs

Proactively capture business performance

Improve customer experience

How IChibaOne Platform addresses your issues

Automated order processing

Efficiently handle orders from multi-channel (online and offline) with automation that reduces manual entry and errors.

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Real-time inventory sync

Keep inventory levels updated across multiple sales channels to avoid overselling and stockouts.

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Customer relationship management

Enhance customer service with detailed customer profiles and order history.

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Serial number tracking

Keep track of individual electronic items from purchase to sale, which is crucial for warranty claims and returns.

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Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Support EDI for standardized communication with suppliers and B2B customers.

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Product information management (PIM)

Manage detailed product information, including technical specifications, images, and documentation, in one central place.

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Stories of electronics businesses that have benefited from IChibaOne

We must say that we're lucky to have IChibaOne Platform as the fulfillment service provider for our multi-market expansion plan. IChibaOne delivers a fully-equipped warehouse network, wonderful fulfilling ability, and reputable shipping services at all markets.

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Mrs.Hoai Thuong

Omnichannel Retailer

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