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Order Management System (OMS)

Sell everywhere - Manage in one platform. Optimize multi-sale channels from online to offline.

Seamlessly integrating with various sales channels.
Integrating with the most famous couriers: GHN, VN post, DHL, Fedex, EMS, etc.
Detailed report.
Managing warehouse effectively.
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Product Information Management

Create, manage, and publish your product data across multiple online channels from a single PIM platform.

Manage product masters & catalogs in one place.
Consolidate and automate digital media assets.
Store & manage documents, labels of bills of lading.
Drive multichannel promotions & price offers with ease.
Monitor products better with custom attributes.
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Point of Sale

Embrace our customized Point of Sale software to give your retail business unimaginable growth.

Integrated payment processing & mobile check out.
Customer relationship management for personalizing communications & customer service.
Gift cards that work online and in-store so customers can redeem everywhere.
Flexible order fulfillment options allow customers to receive orders in a way that’s convenient for them.
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Build StoreFront

Extending your retail business to online sales was quick and easy with our fully customizable website builder.

Build a new eCommerce website from scratch.
Add unlimited products to your online stores.
Seamlessly integrate Saas ecosystem for A-Z sales process.
Simple and easy website management.
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Multi-carrier integration

Centrally manage, flexibly create labels, and optimize time and costs for delivery.

Connect and manage multiple carriers domestically and internationally: GHN, VN post, DHL, Fedex, EMS, etc.
Centralize and track bill of lading on a single dashboard.
Store & manage documents, labels of bills of lading.
Automatically update package status for each partner.
Optimize time and money by continuously updating shipping cost of multiple couriers in real-time.
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Smart Cross-Border

Borderless purchase & shipping management

Enjoy effortless borderless shopping and centrally manage all sales orders.

Build borderless composable commerce with custom and full-featured support.
Integrate with hundreds of large domestic and international websites.
Engage with customers throughout their purchase process.
Maximize potential of CMS, CRM, fulfilment API, POS, ERP.
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Boost revenue


Coming soon

Customer Data Experience Platform

A new solution for automatic personalized marketing.

Provide a 360-degree customer view.
Allow for meaningful analysis of customer journey through omnichannel.
Automatically optimize emails, app notifications and journeys to fit customer preferences.
Make customer-loyalty-driven decision possible.
Immediately conduct personalized omnichannel marketing.
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