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Build StoreFront Features

Top features that help effortlessly build online selling sites and boost sales

Powerful toolset to enable commerce websites

A comprehensive cloud-native platform to power everything regarding eCommerce

Build a new commerce website
Pre-built interface/application
The interface is optimized to enhance the user experience when purchasing, making shopping process more convenient than ever.
Actively customize the interface easily
Businesses can adjust the interface easily without knowledge of IT or design. Just some simple steps and you will have a SEO-standard website optimized in shopping experience.
Your website will be optimized to fit mobile devices, thereby providing the best customer experience and increasing conversion rates.
Customer information management
Smart data management tool
Our AI tools support creating useful filters based on customer information to deliver personalized shopping experience and higher conversion rates.
Customer journey tracking
Categorize and separate each specific audience group to create promotions, offers and send email marketing for better response and increased growth.
Oder management system
Single dashboard to monitor orders
Complete one or more orders with just one click, making order management easier than ever.
Update order status in real time
Update order status in real-time, thereby guiding customers throughout their purchase.
Products, variants & catalog management
Follow international standards like GS1 or eClass with our integrated Product Information Management (PIM), which manages complex products in an efficient manner.
Automated email notification system
Effectively keep track of orders
Automatic email notification journeys proactively notify order routes, avoiding delays or missed scenarios.
Customized email structure and content
You can completely customize these useful email notification templates to suit your needs and the way your business operates easily.
Build trusts of customers
Gain the trusts from customers through detailed payment confirmation, order information update, password update, etc.
Payment management
Free integration of payment gateways
IChiba OnePlatform supports free integration of multiple payment gateways to make shopping more convenient for customers.
Free SSL Support - Enhanced security
Your website will come with a free SSL certificate, which secures all pages, credit card and transaction information.
Comprehensive reporting
Product status report
Collected data provides sellers with a detailed report on inventory levels, best-selling products, and sales trends over time, which will support making right decisions to promote businesses.
Advanced commerce reporting with Google Analytics
With the Enhanced Ecommerce feature on Google Analytics, sellers can effortlessly track where sales, visits, and referrals are coming from, thereby giving a deeper understanding of advertising performance and customer insights.
Nationwide carrier integration
Synchronizing system with hundreds of carriers
Integrating popular carriers in your country to manage and process orders quickly and efficiently in just one place.
Centralizing & delivering thousands of orders
The shipping management dashboard ables to process and monitor from a few hundred to thousands of orders easily and centrally in just one place.
Order status report
Check bills of lading, track the delivery process and update incentives from carriers. Send real-time reports about order status at any time.
Personalization and Recommendations
Flexible placements of product recommendations
Collect user-specific data, such as the customer’s most-viewed categories, products, and purchase history to give relevant recommendations for customers through website pages or marketing campaigns.
Content-based filtering system
Suggest similar products that are grouped together based on certain attributes, so shoppers can have more options and quickly drive buying decisions.
Collaborative filtering feature
Using AI models and reports to predict what might interest a person based on the taste of many other users.

We are committed to safeguarding your data & privacy


Multi-layer security stack

Rest assured that your data and network are protected completely, from early detection to post-event evaluations.


24x7x365 monitoring

We conduct application, infrastructure, and hardware-level penetration testing annually to ensure customer data is protected every step of the way.


Transparency commitment

Our customers have full control over their data, and we commit to deliver transparency during the cooperation process.

Certificates and Compliances 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is the cost for a IChiba OnePlatform Build StoreFront Tool?
There is no set amount, as we provide pricing tailored to each merchant’s needs at any stage of growth.
For more information about pricing, please contact our sales team.
2. Can I use IChiba OnePlatform Build StoreFront Tool if I don’t have an IT team?
Yes. You can definitely use IChiba OnePlatform Build StoreFront Tool without having IT knowledge. We have an enthusiastic and well-trained technical team to support and follow your requirements.
3. What should I do if the website has errors or bugs?
IChiba OnePlatform have a global support team who is willing to assist you anytime. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.
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