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Create cross-border shopping websites
Build an international website with full functions.
Reach +7,000,000 products around the world from well-known websites as Amazon, eBay, Yahoo Shopping, etc.
Update discount codes continuously. We connect real-time promotions of international eCommerce platforms for customers.
Customized interface
Inherently decouples the presentation layer from the central business, using the most front-end-friendly GraphQL API, to manage any number of storefronts from a single backend.
Customize interface to create beautiful and engaging shopping experiences.
Online bidding
Connect to biggest online auction websites to help buyers get the items they want at a bargain price.
Keep track of the bidding status real time and change the price at any time.
VIP auction function allows users to bid on products first and pay later. Only when the customer becomes the winner, will the payment process begin.
Purchase/Sales order management
Keep track of every purchase/sales order and check your order status in just one dashboard.
Manage your expenditure and assure end-to-end purchase order compliance with reporting.
Cross-border forwarding
Integrate well-known domestic and international shipping companies to ensure the worldwide network.
Regular flights/voyages to ensure customers receive goods after 10-15 days.
Supporting A-Z customs procedures to minimize costs and labors.
Multiple integrated payment gateways
Accept payments across any gateway, geography, or currency without any additional integration effort.
We meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to transmit customer data securely.
Get automated Instant Payment Notifications (IPN), and validate payment and banking data in real time, reducing payment errors by 99%.
Professional warehouse services
High-quality box protects goods from damage.
Drive-in racking system offers an optimal solution for storing heavy loads and maximizing warehouse space.
High technology Warehouse Management System software (WMS) helps monitor orders and operations efficiently and accurately.
Personalization & recommendation
Collect user-specific data, such as the customer’s most-viewed categories, products, and purchase history to give relevant recommendations for customers through website pages or marketing campaigns.
Suggest similar products that are grouped together based on certain attributes, so shoppers can have more options and quickly drive buying decisions.
Using AI models and reports to predict what might interest a person based on the taste of many other users.

Flexible management of orders and purchases

Full control of order management
Automate and regulate the end-to-end order lifecycle to ensure that commitments are met, including order capture and validation, order release, shipment confirmation, and more.
Clear and detailed invoices
Enable the seamless generation of invoice details and tracking of all orders from a specific vendor.
Easily manage suppliers and purchase orders
Provide accurate purchase information to avoid the case that the purchase information is entered repeatedly.

We are committed to safeguarding your data & privacy

Multi-layer security stack
Rest assured that your data and network are protected completely, from early detection to post-event evaluations.
24x7x365 monitoring
We conduct application, infrastructure, and hardware-level penetration testing annually to ensure customer data is protected every step of the way.
Transparency commitment
Our customers have full control over their data, and we commit to deliver transparency during the cooperation process.
Certificates and Compliances 
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
If I receive items in a damaged condition, what should I do?
When you receive the item in damaged condition, after IChibaconfirms that is qualified for compensation, we will refund you.
Please contact IChibawithin 7 days since receiving day with the following information:
  • 2-3 pictures of the outer packaging
  • 2-3 pictures of damaged items
  • The order number
Is auctioning on Yahoo Auction safe?
Yahoo Auction is an e-commerce platform owned by Yahoo Japan Corporation. It does not sell products but plays the role of a transaction center to ensure exchange, purchase, and payment between buyers and sellers.Thousands of used and new products are auctioned or bought such as watches, Zippos, car accessories, etc.
Online purchases, especially cross-border purchases from Japan, make many people wonder about the origin of the products, payment, or shipping issues. All transactions on the Yahoo Auction system are committed to confidentiality and strictly controlled by the 3-level security system. Therefore, it is safe to purchase and bid on goods here.
Is it possible to use consolidation service for multiple orders from different websites?
When you buy items from multiple stores or from different sellers, it is possible to use the consolidation service when they arrive at our warehouse.
However, there are some cases in which we are unable to consolidate certain items, like ones that are difficult to transport due to their irregular shape, fragility, or oversize/weight.