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Why multi-channel fulfillment by IChiba Global streamline your operations

Make sure a smooth purchasing experience for your customers, while also maintaining your online reputation with top-notch order fulfillment service including a 100% order accuracy guarantee.

#1. Integrate multiple sales channels and centrally manage eCommerce fulfillment

objectFulfill orders for every sales channel, from eCommerce platforms to marketplaces, by connecting stores and retailers to our fulfillment center and managing in a single place.
objectGain real-time visibility and control over fulfillment across all of your sales channels with a single partner who can fulfill your “everything” orders.

#2. Multi-warehouse fulfilment

objectDetermine the nearest warehouse or fulfillment center, its serviceability, and inventory location for the quick delivery to customers, increasing customer satisfaction and building trust & loyalty with clients.
objectOptimize shipping routes, reduce the delivery costs and the number of shipments for each purchase.

#3. Streamline multichannel inventory management

objectManage and update omnichannel stock levels in real time with a tap of a button on multiple platforms, ensuring you're always in sync with your customers' demands across all the sales channels.
objectLeverage data-driven inventory to ensure that you always have the right products in stock to satisfy customers' demands and maximize your sales potential.

#4. Same-day and accurate order processing

objectFulfill orders speedily as soon as there is any order on sales channels, deliver the exact items customers place on time as promised, even quicker than expected.
objectProvide a 360-degree view of updated order fulfillment process on a personalized dashboard in real-time.

#5. Up-to-the-minute order tracking

objectGet informed of the parcel journey from beginning to end in real time. Whether you are monitoring a single package or a million, the Shipment Dashboard keeps all your shipments organized and in view.
objectStrong API and Webhook tracking solutions deliver genuine end-to-end location and status events in real time so that businesses will never miss out on a shipment update again.

#6. Customized packaging

objectOptimize your return on investment by enhancing and refining your packaging for optimal profitability. By using customized packaging, businesses can keep their products fresh and thrilling each time someone makes a purchase.
objectProvide custom packing procedures that encompass a wide range of situations. Whether it's stripping away bulk packaging, inserting label or logo, adding vouchers, cards, marketing documents, we can do it all.

#7. Distribution orders

objectAutomatically determine the optimal fulfillment centers which are nearest to customers to reduce shipping costs and time.
objectEnhance customer experience as they can receive the orders quicker.

#8. Reserve inventory

objectAllocate a specified quantity of a product to a particular event to ensure the availability of inventory for them.
objectAssist merchants to control the selling operation without worrying about the goods' resources.

How it works?

Unleash the power of our Smart Multi-channel Fulfillment Solution with a rigorous process

Provide Free Consultation

Gain deep insights into the current business situation and future demands to offer the right customized logistics solution.

Connect Your Existing Systems to the IChiba Global Platform

Integrate your sales channels, eCommerce platforms, and ERPs with our technology platform.

Store inventory safely in our fulfillment centers

Send inventory to one of our fulfillment centers. We will store, manage strictly and update every goods moving on IChiba Global platform for you to track anytime.

Fulfill orders

We pick pack and ship the right orders to customers right after an order is placed on any sales channel.

Ship orders

We process to send orders for our partners to deliver your shipments to the final destination with the best condition and at the right time.

Ongoingly Review and Refine

We always assess continuously to make sure that our solution we provide matches your company demands.

Fulfillment capability


Technical connectivity

  • All warehouses connected to one technology platform.
  • 70+ connectors built for Marketplaces, ERPs, shopping cart providers, order management providers.
  • EDI fulfillment.
  • Open API integration.

Warehouse connectivity

  • Advanced product catalog capabilities (better product attribution).
  • Order/Inventory management, tracking, alerting, forecasting on a single dashboard.
  • Customized & detailed reportin.
  • Parcel tracking in real time.

Transportation management

  • Coordinate with 50+ global carriers and logistics providers.
  • Optimize routing for efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Track & monitor goods in real-time.
  • Analyze data and performance metrics for improvement.
  • Manage inventory levels and supply chain flows.
  • Ensure strict compliance with regulations for safe transportation.

Warehouse capabilities & SLAS

  • Total warehouse area up to 50,000m2.
  • Ensure timely and accurate order fulfilment with advanced WMS.
  • Build loyalty by strict SLA compliance.
  • Automated picking and packing systems.
  • Reduce errors and delays with state-of-the-art inventory tracking system.

Fulfillment Network

We’re everywhere you need us to be, around the world.

Integrations for every business need

A simple API for everything else.

More than just picking, packing, & shipping

IChiba Global delivers a tech-enabled multi-channel fulfillment service, with a footprint of 20+ custom−built fulfillment centers across the world.

Worldwide warehouse network

Our globally dispersed network of certified warehouses makes it simple to place your products closer to your consumers for expedited shipping.

State-of-the-art tools

Our cloud-based platform collects insights about your sales procedures based on consumer data and provides customized inventory and distribution reports.

Integrated technology

Connect your existing supply chain and eCommerce systems to the IChiba Fulfillment platform to integrate your inventory and order data streams in a seamless manner.

Support your success every step of the way

Get immediate assistance from real individuals who understand your specific requirements. We also have on-site representatives at each location to assist with any difficulties.
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