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#1. Fulfill orders from multi-channel

Utilize barcode scanning and automated sorting systems to accurately pick and pack items from different channels in a single warehouse.
Integrate inventory management systems to provide real-time visibility of stock levels across all channels, preventing overselling or stockouts.
Optimize warehouse layout and storage strategies to accommodate inventory from multiple channels, maximizing space utilization and minimizing handling time.

#2. Set up multi-warehouse in multi-markets

Offer multiple warehouse locations strategically positioned in different markets to facilitate faster and cost-effective order fulfillment.
Utilize intelligent order routing algorithms to automatically allocate orders to the most suitable warehouse based on proximity, stock availability, and customer location.

#3. Technology integration

Implement a robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) to streamline and automate various warehouse processes, including inventory management, order processing and fulfillment.
Integrate with shipping carriers' systems to automate shipping label generation, tracking updates and rate calculations, simplifying the shipping process.

#4 Detailed reports & analytics

Monitor & analyze order fulfillment metrics, such as on-time delivery, order fill rate, and customer satisfaction, to ensure high-quality service and identify areas for improvement.
Utilize data-driven insights to optimize warehouse layout and organization, product placement, and picking routes to minimize travel time, improve order accuracy & enhance overall efficiency.

#5 Value-added services

Pack the orders with promotional materials, such as coupons, samples or marketing collateral to encourage repeat purchases or cross-selling
Provide insurance for goods stored in the warehouse, protecting against possible loss or damage during the proces

Warehouse fulfillment classification

To ensure meeting all customer requirements, our warehouse systems are divided into 3 distinct types based on their specific purposes.

Bonded warehouse
Finished goods warehouses
Cross-dock warehouses

Bonded warehouse

Storing imported goods under customs control without paying duties and taxes until they are ready for export or released for domestic consumption.

Finished goods warehouses

Managing inventory, picking, packing, logistics coordination and timely delivery for goods.

Cross-dock warehouses

Facilitating direct transfer, sorting shipments and coordinating efficient loading/unloading without long-term storage.

Unlocking warehouse efficiency: maximizing operations and fulfillment

Enhance productivity, accuracy and speed with our advanced warehouse.

Warehouse fulfillment process

With a well-organized inventory and streamlined operations, we guarantee a smooth journey from receiving to sending out, ensuring that products reach their intended recipients precisely and efficiently.


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